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     DB Technosystems specializes in php scripting for form processing and Database applications. Thus, we can create ANY type of form for you, as well as the php script that will process the info. Please have a look at the Form Examples .

Form Creation

     In most cases, the client requires the info to be stored in a database, for further use. So we not only create the script that will process the form, but we will also create the Database Management Interface (DMI). Through this, you can manage ABSOLUTELY ANY aspect of your database info: View, Edit, Add, Copy, Delete, Print records, perform advanced search with any criteria among the database fields. Of course, you can Export a particular page results or all results in Excel, Word, XML or CSV formats, for further work on your desktop, or for importing the info in another database. Of course security is our top priority, so we do protect the pages using log in systems, as well as group privileges, according to client's requirements. Multi language templates are also possible.

Forms and DMIs created for the customer are created in close cooperation with the client, in order to achieve the aesthetic and functionality results required. This means that we not only build our applications on ready made templates, but we also build, if required, custom templates, especially made for the client, so that the final result better suits the general look of his site. Please have a look at DB Interfaces Examples.

However, we can create almost any other type of application in PHP, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Database Applications

     A new service that we are offering, is installation of scripts and packages on your site. if you find it difficult to install a package, you can rely on our experience. You will have the job done fast, at a very reasonable price. Please contact us through our contact form, and provide details about your script, so we can come back to you with our offer.

Script Installation Service

     This is our latest service. We will provide full tech support, for your site. This includes setting up for you email accounts and databases, installing scripts, digging in tech problems (like scripts not working) and other useful stuff. This is a customized, case by case solution, depending on the type of site, number of scripts installed or to be installed, etc. Please use our contact form for enquiries.

For ANY other enquiries, even not listed here, please, DO NOT hesitate: use our contact form to ask. Your enquiries are very welcome, and we will answer ASAP.

Annual Support Contracts