Our forms will be processed by a custom made script, especially made for you.
  This allows for personalized solutions as:
- Validating form fields as required (email field, telephone field, US postal code,
  telephone  number, domain name field, upload file type and size, required fields etc.).
- Javascript or PHP validation (we reccomend PHP).
- Database storing (if required).
- File storing (if required).
- Preview Page (if required)
- Multiple selection dropdowns. In case of cooperation with a database, values can be 
  directly from the database.
- Chained dropdowns: values of a dropdown depend uppon selection of another
- Multiple email addresses (if required). In case of cooperation with a database, values
  can be  retrieved  directly from the database.
- File upload and / or attaching to the email, as well as storing to the database.
- Plain text ot HTML email.
- Customised autoresponder message.
- SMTP authentication (if required).

   Furthermore, our scripts will provide advanved security features, as illegal form submission  check and hardcoded (or database retreived) email addresses.

PHP scripting for forms and DB applications
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Form Examples
Please visit the following examples to see some of our forms:

--  Contact Form
--  Information Form (visit real case)
with Database Admin interface
--  Survey Form
--  Registration Form (visit real case) with preview page
--  Hotel Reservation form (visit real case)  with Database Admin interface

DBTechnosystems can build ANY type of form for you. This includes:
Contact Forms, Member Registration Forms, Order Forms, Survey forms, Information forms, Reservation forms or any other type you can think about, including MULTIPAGE FORMS or forms with Preview Page.
More Examples coming soon!