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Off the Shelf Products

by DBTechnosystems.com
These are standalone products that you simply purchase and install on your site. Easy installation wizard, friendly user interface, and clear, PDF format instructions, allow for fast, error proof installation and implementation on your own site. Please click on each product info link, for full details on features, licensing, and pricing.
A generic form processor that will allow you to process any form created by any of the known website builders. Features multiple selection dropdowns, multiple uploads, attachments, file and DB storing, automatic creation of the DB browsing interface, multiple email sending, autoresponder, customized messages, and more.......
A standalone login script, that will allow your members to login in order to reach your protected pages!. Easy installation wizard, friendly user interface, and clear, PDF format instructions. It will automatically create a file that will allow you to store the member's details, and will automatically create an Administrator interface to allow you to manage your members! This is a non customized script. However, BlueVoda and WB5  users will receive also the BV / WB5  pages, so they can FULLY customize the look of the pages themselves.            more.....   

DBTS Logger!

Exactly what it's name lets you understand: a PHP/MySQL driven cart that will allow you to upload e-products, create Add to Cart and View Cart buttons, and sell these products directly from your website. Final Payment through PayPal. Customizable, user friendly and extremely secure, IDC is the complete solution for Instant Downloads!           more......

IDC Instant Download Cart!

DBTS Form Processor Pro