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DB Applications

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    Databases are the most efficient way to store and manage info. We can build full applications, that include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Administration of Database Tables relevant to information gathering forms: Newsletter
forms, Information forms, Survey forms, Membership forms, Order forms, Loggin
forms, etc. Please visit
Form examples
- Directories of any type: Business directory, Professionists directories, Link
Directories, etc.

- Commercial Applications: Products / Stock / Orders / Clients / Suppliers / Invoices /
Shipments / Payments / Customer Support Packages.

Our applications allow you to:

- View All records in enumerated pages, with possibility to sort in ascending or
descending order of any of the viewed fields.

- Add, Copy, Delete, Edit, View a specific field.
- Print all or part of the records.
- Search your database tables with ANY criteria, amomg the database table fields you

- Perform Advanced Search (f.e. to find all members that have signed up to your
Newsletter, between certain dates, or from a specific State, or Town, or a combination
of the above). Practically, with ANY criteria combination, with conditions as "Equal",
"Contain", Between", Bigger than", Smaller than", etc. As well as their opposites
(NOT conditions).

- Print the Advanved Search results.
- Export your data or Search Results in Excel, Word, csv or xml files, so you can import
them on your computer or another database.

Furthermore, if required, we will build custom made templates for your public pages, in order for your visitors to interact with your database through a unique, only yours, set of pages.

by DBTechnosystems.com

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