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1. We can create your forms, whatever type, and also build the necessary script to process your form. Validation of the fields, Error reporting, Plain text or HTML Send email, Autoresponder message, Bc and Cc emails, file or Database storing of the info, multiple uploads with file type and size checking are some of the available features. Typical applications: Contact Forms, Newsletter signup forms, Online Orders, File Upload forms, Survey forms and so on.
2. Database Interfaces: user friendly interfaces that allow you to browse your database tables, add, delete, edit records, perform multiple criteria search, export the results or all records in xls, csv or xml format. Personalized pages are possible, templates built according to your own requirements.
3. Loggin Systems: with Registration page, Remind password page, Login page. Instructions on how to password protect your pages using the script, cookies, and more. The necessary username and password can be stored / retrieved from a standalone database table, or from an existing table. PayPal subscription addon available!
4. Shopping Carts: We have prepared a fully customizable Instant Download Cart, suitable for e-products (e-books, pictures, mp3's, whatever is sold in electronic format), and DBTS Shopping Cart,  a insite Cart that accepts both physical and downloadable products. Both are delivered fully customized to suit your site style, and are installed and tested by us.
4. Mailing Systems: a low cost alternative to recurring monthly payment mailing services: use your own account mail server to send emails to your mailing lists.
(Coming Soon!)
5. Commercial Applications: for those who need an online commercial application, we can build a full Customer List / Product List/ Order / Invoice / etc. system. Everything online, reachable from any of your branches, worldwide. User permissions can be set to different levels to allow more or less features to be available to single users.
Many more applications can be built by our team. For ANY enquiry, please contact us.

                                                                                                Thanks for your time 

About us

some of you might know me from our online meetings. I have been moderating the VodaHost  forum for a long time, and have gained a long experience on web design problem solutions. It soon became clear to  me that the average user who creates his own site, or the small web  design bureau, can not afford the time and effort required to learn all those things required to build dynamic applications. involving forms, MySQL Databases and PHP.So, what can we do for you?
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