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Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor

    Advanced BlueVoda Form processor is a free Form Processor especially made for VodaHost and BlueVoda Users, but it can be used also on non VH sites. Please download the zip and read carefully the tutorial that you will find in Word format. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.
The script is database driven and has lots of features. Please have a look at our
Technical Specifications and Features page. Support by email for VH customers is free of charge, a minimum fee is required for non VH users. Technical assistance which requires us to login in your own account and investigate / solve any issues, is only provided on a agreed, paid for basis.
You can download and install the script free of charge. However, if you are going to use ABVFP on a commercial site, we would appreciate a small donation from you. Donations allow us to go on developing the product, and to cover part of the cost of support. Feel free to donate any amount you think would be right for you.
If you would like us to install ABVFP for you, we can do it for just $30 for the basic script. This charge includes setting up one form that you might have already built and published on your site. If you want us to also personalize the "thank you" page and the "error" page templates, that would be an additional $20. However, we beleive that customizing these two pages is QUITE easy for a BV user, so there should be absolutely no need for that.
One of ABVFP features is the ability to store the info in a manually or automatically created Database table. However, to view this info in your database, you can either use phpMyAdmin (in your Control Panel, MySQL section) or, you will need a Database Administrator Interface that will allow you to browse, view, edit, sort, search, print, export etc. your listings. We can create this interface for you at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, please contact us .
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