A login script allows you to password protect any page on your site. As soon as anyone tries to visit a protected page, the script will check if that user has logged in. If this is true, the script will allow him to view the page, otherwise it will redirect him to a login page. Your pages have to be published as .php and a small piece of code must be implemented in the very beginning of each page.
This script will also free you from password protected folders. You can have ANY page protected, in ANY folder, with ANY folder structure depth.

   We have developed two different scripts that will allow you to create membership based websites. The first one, is DBTS Logger Lite, the second is the Customized DBTS Logger.

   Both are PHP driven, but have different scopes. DBTS Logger Lite is a lightweight script, that will install on your site in just under 5 minutes. It uses a flat file instead of a database, and will allow you to register users, edit them, set up some of the script parameters, setup the messages that appear on the screen and the mails that are sent by the script in quite an easy and intuitive way. The Customized DBTS Logger instead, is a Database driven, highly customized log in script. So, colors and placement of the login form are made to your requirements. If you already have a database with members details, we will adapt our script so that it will retrieve data from there, otherwise we will create a database table specifically for this script.

Please visit each product page to see details and test drive both scripts.

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DBTS Logger

DBTS_Logger Light  and Customized DBTS Logger

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