We will show you how our loggin script works. As a result of your testing, and the registration that you will be asked to make, you will, at the end, be allowed to reach the administration page, from where you can manage your members listings. The link to this page is http://www.dbtechnosystems.com/logginadmin.php , however you can not reach it, as you will be required to loggin, if you are already registered, or to register, if you are not.
Please click on the following link to attempt reaching this example protected page, and see how our script behalves:
Step 1: Visitor tries to reach a protected page
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Loggin Script Presentation
  The following is a typical login script menu. The user may loggin, logout, Register, if he is not already a member, and Edit his profile details (among them his password). He also has the possibility to request his loggin details, by using either his username, or his email address.
   You may try the whole procedure. Please note that you will need to use a real email address if you want to receive the automated email message that confirms your registration. Also please note that our script is configured in such a way that no two usernames, passwords or email addresses can be the same. Also, in this case, for testing purposes there is an automatic actication of the account. If you wish, an email  confirmation can be required from the user before his account can become active, or activation can be manually made bu the site administrator. Its up to you. Please note that the Database Administrator has full sort / search / view / edit / delete / bann / export / print features. Member's image or logo can be included on request.

Ok, let's see how our script works: