Optional / Extras
Full visual customization of the public pages!
We will customize the Loggin Page, Remind Password Page, Registration  Page, Confirmation Page, etc with your images, header, footer, background colours or images, menubars, etc.according to your template and requirements. Visual material must be delivered to us in electronic format.
Basic Script Price:
Script Installation is only performed by DB Technosystems.
Includes Database setup, script installation, testing of the script, and password protecting up to 10 pages on your site
(You can protect an unlimited number of pages yourself). We will also place your header and footer in the pages. You may select between Automatic Registration activation, Semi automatic (activation after email confirmation, so you make sure that the user's email address is real, or Manual activation by the Administrator.  Two custom fields, as well as Group ID, Status, Signup Date and Expiry Date fields are included.

Extra Fields in the Registration/Edit Profile pages, and in the database.
We will add as many fields as you need, f.e. Subscription Duration,   Payment, Expiration, etc.)  at just $5  field (price for all pages / scripts )
Protecting extra pages.
To protect your pages, you need to add some code in your pages, which then have to be published as php. We will add the necessary protection code in any number of pages beyond the 10 ones included in the installation price, for just $2 per page.
Number of extra fields:
Extra Image Field in the Registration/Edit Profile pages,
and in the database.

We will add the necessary image field as well as the necessary dynamic image resizer, that will allow your members to upload their image / logo and, ofcourse, be able to view and edit it.
Search / View Public Profile Page!
Cool Addon Feature! This is an addon module that will allow your visitors / members to search your members list with one or two criteria among the database tables, or list all the members, and view members profiles, including image/logo! Very usefull if you want to create a members link directory!
Number of extra pages:
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PayPal subscription payment addon!
Cool addon! Your member can go straight to PayPal and pay for his subscription!. On return, his account will be automatically activated or prolonged for a period equal to the subscription period paid for . A PayPal account with Payment Data transfer enabled is required.
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Unlimited domains ,
Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Databases,
and more....
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