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ABVFP Installation, $30
Includes Script Installation, Database setup, and setting up one form in your site.

Additional Forms setup with ABVFP
We will setup any number of forms, up to 16 fields each

Custom  Error Page creation, $15
(we will need some instructions  for the visual part)

Database Administration Interface : 1 table, $80
(will allow you to easily browse, search, update, delete, print, export your ABVFP database tables). Standard prices are for up to 12 fields/table for NON jointed tables
Total Nr of tables
Custom Thankyou Page creation, $15
(we will need some instructions  for the visual part)

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Each Table is charged as having 12 fields min. Additional fields in one table are not compensated with less than 12 fields in another field. Please note that each ABVFP table has at least two additional fields for Date and IP address.
So if you have five tables with number of fields 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 fields, the total charge will be
3X60 + 2 X 50 + 2 x 5 + 4 x 5 = $310
3 and 2 are the tables, and (14-12)=2  and (16-12)=4 are the additional fields.
Extra (over 12 per table) fields at $3 each
1 form $12 / 2 forms $10 each / 3 forms $9 each  Additional forms $8 each
Total Nr of forms:
1 table $80
2 tables $70 each
3 tables $60 each
Additional tables $50 each
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