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   However, forms by themselves are just a "white paper".  Even after they have been filled in by your visitor, they data must reach you so you can use it. And, they must be available to you formatted just the way you need it in order for you to be able to further process it through your own software.

Just think of a Newsletter signup form. If you receive the info just as an email, you have to manually update your records. The same happens with Orders, or quotation forms, or any other form you might think of.

This is the point where a form processor comes into scene. It should receive the form data and process it the way you like and need.  However, this is something that many form processors can do now days. So, what's the need for one more ?

Well, beyond the obvious advantages of having an Advanced Form Processor inside WYSIWYG WB6, DBTS Form Processor is far more than that. In fact, it has already built in tools that are hard to find even in commercial scripts that cost $$. Further more, it is the only form processor  (to my knowledge) that is created with the intent not only to process form data the classic way (email, DB storage,  file storage etc) but it was planned right from the start in such a way that each user can effortlessly add his own code snippet to perform literally anything based on the data submitted. With the DBTS Form Processor Extension you can, in example use the pluggins, or your own code, to:
     1. Create Preview Pages before final submission (see below, the DBTS Preview Extension).
     2. Create Confirmation Pages that contain the data submitted through the form (see below, the DBTS Preview Extension).
     3. Perform calculations 
     4. Perform conditional submissions (it only submits under certain conditions).
     5. Perform submissions to different departments / divisions
     6. Store calculation results and / or data in multiple tables.
     7. Send the data to any other site using the CURL library.

and many other. The possibilities are endless and only depend on your server possibilities and your (or your web developer's) programming skills. Now pack all of the above with four separate mail engines (mail function, SMTP, Sendmail, Qmail) and the possibility to have everything on a beautifully formatted HTML email with your own messages, your own logo, and your own colors, and the decision is obvious. DBTS Form Processor is the ideal tool for  WYSIWYG WB users!

    The DBTS Form Processor extension now comes with two add on extensions: The DBTS Preview Extension and the DBTS reCAPTCHA Extension.

The DBTS Preview Extension allows you to automatically create Preview Pages for your forms, so your visitor can review his data before submitting (a very efficient anti  spambot measure too!) or to create confirmation pages containing the info submitted (data merge). The extension allows you to customize the look of the automatically created visual output, or, to use your own free layout.

     The DBTS reCAPTCHA Extension is a WB implementation of the famous reCAPTCHA. It will ONLY work with the DBTS Form Processor Extension and requires the page to be PHP, as normally pages with forms are.  The main advantage over the standard WB reCAPTCHA extension is that it supports the reCAPTCHA official languages as well as visual customization of the "clean" theme. 
   Forms are one of the main interactivity tools between your website and your visitor. The main purpose for using a form is to gather the user information in a systematic and methodic manner. Think of an online form just as a printed one. The user HAS to follow the input scheme that you have planned, thus providing exactly the info you need, in the order you need it.

The DBTS Form Processor Extension is based on the well known
Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor (also known as ABVFP). The DBTS Form Processor Extension extension is freely available to all WB users, and can be embedded in any work, personal or commercial. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell this extension. This software is delivered AS IS. By installing and using it, you agree that Pablo Software Solutions or DB Technosystems will not be held liable for ANY damage, of ANY type, caused by the use of this software. Installing and using this software implies that you fully and unconditionally accept these terms. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please fully test before using it.

The DBTS Form Processor Extension extension is the result of hundreds of hours of work, and is continuously updated to keep up with users feedback. Updating the software and supporting users also requires a considerable amount of work. If you feel that the DBTS Form Processor Extension has made the difference for your site, and you want to support its development, consider donating any amount you feel is right for you.  
Quality software for dynamic web applications. Worldwide.
      Please download the three extensions zips and read carefully the manuals that you will find in PDF format. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. Support by email is free of charge. Technical assistance which requires us to login in your own account and investigate / solve any issues, is only provided on a agreed, paid for basis.

     One of the DBTS Form Processor Extension features is the ability to store the info in a manually or automatically created MySQL Database table.  To view this info in your database, you can either use phpMyAdmin (in your Control Panel, MySQL section) or, you will need a Database Administrator Interface that will allow you to browse, view, edit, sort, search, print, export etc. your listings. We can create this interface for you at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, please contact us .
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