DBTS CSV Manager WB6 Extension: The CSV List Object


The DBTS CSV Manager Extensions are based exclusively on self developed code. Feedback is greatly appreciated. The DBTS CSV Manager  Extensions  are freely available to all WB users, and can be embedded in any work, personal or commercial. You are not allowed to redistribute or sell this extension. This software is delivered AS IS. By installing and using it, you agree that Pablo Software Solutions or DB Technosystems will not be held liable for ANY damage, of ANY type, caused by the use of this software. Installing and using this software implies that you fully and unconditionally accept these terms. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please fully test before using it.
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  This is the first Object of a new Extension Suite named DBTS CSV Manager. It includes the following sub-extensions / objects:
The CSV List Object, responsible of creating a user formatted table in your page, with the content of the file displayed in pages. We have tried to implement the ability to open any of the known database files used by the known scripts used by WB6 users, like files created by the WB Login Script, files created by the Guestbook Extension, files created by the DBTS Form Processor or the WB built in Form Processor, and generally speaking, files that have a whatever separator among the most common ones: comma, semicolon, chr(02) and chr(380). Of course, this covers also any grid like file that uses one of the above separators and a New Line to separate columns and rows. This of course includes Excel CSV files as long as they are properly formatted (no merged cells or ; characters in the content.). Ideally the Object would be useful to  display files created by a Form processed with the DBTS Form Processor.

   Main features:
        Uses css to format the output. You simply select your colors, hyperlink styles, etc and the script creates the output.
        Reads the file and uses, if set so, the first row as column headers. If your file has no headers, you can set them through the script. You can
        also override the embedded headers and feed in your own.
        You can select to display only some of the columns instead of all. This is normal in listings, where a link to the details page is included in the 
        list, in order to save you space.
        You can sort the columns (string sort). You can automatically include for each record, View, Edit, Delete icon links to the specific record
        You can parse a field as image: the script will be able to retrieve and display images submitted through a Form and processed with the DBTS 
        Form Processor, displaying the image.
        You can parse URLs and email addresses as active links with full (css based) hyperling style control.
        You can add icons to the View, Edit, and Delete pages, where you can actually perform these actions to specific records.

For further info and details, please consult our
Online Documentation.

You can seet he DBTS CSV Manager List Extension demo, and also try it. We have created two demo pages, in one of which you can post your own details and see how the script will display them.

Demo 1: using the extension with a file created by the WB6 Login Signup form. You can post your own details and see how the script will display them.  This demo includes sub demos to the View and Edit objects as well.

Demo 2: using a form that is processed by the DBTS Form Processor. This processor autocreates the column headers in the csv file, so setting up the List extension is quite easy. This demo includes sub demos to the View, Edit and Delete objects as well.

The DBTS Form CSV Manager Extension is the result of hundreds of hours of work, and will be continuously updated to keep up with users feedback. Updating the software and supporting users also requires a considerable amount of work. If you feel that the DBTS CSV Manager  Extension has made the difference for your site, and you want to support its development, consider donating any amount you feel is right for you.  
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