Advanced Blue Voda Form Processor (ABVFP)  is a generic server side Form processor created by DBTechnosystems.com. It is intended for processing form data submitted through a Web Form. It is distributed free of charge, but a small agreed uppon fee will be charged if and only if an Installation is requested by the user by directly requiring this through our relevant Installation Request Form, our Contact Form, or other mean of comunication.

    You may use ABVFP on your site(s), as end user, but you are NOT allowed to redistribute or deposit for download the files related to the product, in any way. For distribution purposes please redirect the interested user to the Download Location on our site. You may wish to review the Technical Features before you go on.

    You may modify the files of this product to your own risk. ABVFP has been thoroughly tested, however, it is distributed "as it is", so absolutely no guarantee is offered. Depending on the user settings, and since ABVFP allows for file uploads, potentially malicious code could be uploaded on your site. Please make sure to follow the relevant instructions on security issues, in the Instructions File.

    By installing this software, you accept that  the Authors cannot be held liable  for any reason and for any type of real or potential damage.  If you disagree with the above, do not install this software.

    Support by email is provided for free to VodaHost.com clients. For support beyond email, a charge might be asked for. Support to non VodaHost clients will be charged on an agreed uppon basis.  This file is integrant part of the installation package and ABVFP itself, and as such no "File not found in the package" excuses will be accepted.
Advanced Blue Voda Form Processor End User License
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