This is a sample page. Please DON'T change anything in the page html. You can, however, make any visual change you like.
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Members Area
   This is the Members Area index page. Normally, here you will have your links to the Members Content (that must also be protected pages). You will probably want to have also all the links to the Member details management, as you can see in the menu to the bottom. However, you could have two menus, one for the content and one for the Membership related tasks, as i have in this example page..
    Now, since we wanted this page to be accessible by all users in our Demo, we have set the access level to be "0" , in other words this has become a "freely accessible" page. By setting the access 1, 2 or higher, you can  define which users may or may not have access. In example, normal members may have a "usergroup" equal to 1, which means that they will only be able to reach pages with the same access level. A "silver" or "gold" member will have a "usergroup" number equal to 2 or 3 so by setting the page level to 2 or 3 you will disallow access to all users with a lower "usergroup".  You can also have a "header" with a greeting to the user.
     Now, try to reach this Protected Page . To Log in, use Username
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